“I first want to start out by saying CY-MO saved my life. I would never be here today if it were not for The Zafar’s and their foundation. I was completely addicted to Heroin, which started when I was in high school at Torrey Pines. Before Heroin I was very involved in pills, alcohol and marijuana, among the social scene and partying, it was my sole purpose in life. The drugs brought me to a point where I became homeless, friendless, jobless, money less, but mainly helpless and hopeless. I was completely pitiful and horrified for all the decisions and mistakes I had made. I had so many dreams and goals for myself and I never thought I would become “that” girl. Basically my self-contentedness brought me to the point of self destruction. I finally reached out my hand to the CY-MO Foundation because I had no one and nowhere to turn. From that moment on, my whole life has changed.”

“The CY-MO Foundation took me in with their loving ways and sent me up to Orange County to a treatment facility called Yellowstone. I immediately got a sponsor and began and completed my 12 steps in the program of recovery. I go to 5-7 meetings a week and visit detox’s in Orange County 6 days a week. I work a full time job and continue working my maintenance steps on a daily basis. I cannot describe to you how grateful I am for CY-MO and the life I have today. I am happy, healthy and thriving today! Because of CY-MO I am going to achieve all my goals and dreams and my new purpose is to help the next alcoholic suffering, or anyone for that matter!”