About CYMO

CyMo was created by Kiyan Yazdani-Zafar in memory of her son, Cyrus Moinzadeh, who died from an OxyContin overdose at the age of 23.  The families of Jerry Nolan, Matt Perlatti, and Michael Weiss have since joined CyMo.    Motivated by love for their sons, each of whom was kind and loving, the families of CyMo are united in their goal to fight drug abuse through educating the public and providing support for at-risk children in San Diego. 

CyMo accomplishments include the following:

•  A back-to-school drive in which new backpacks and school supplies are given to children residing in shelters throughout San Diego (CyMo supplied 500 children with filled backpacks in 2011; 300 in 2010).

•  A toy, blanket, and clothing drive in which holiday gifts, blankets, and clothing are delivered to families residing in San Diego shelters (2012 will be our fourth year).

•  Providing furniture, tabletop games, etc. for after- school recreation centers that offer safe havens for school children as well as academic support.

•  Funding rehab and sober living.

•  We are active participants in the DEA Prescription Drug- Abuse Task Force.

The CYMO Foundation seeks to improve the lives of youth by bringing awareness through local non-profit alliances. Our aim is to develop an organization which promotes and sustains a local initiative of love, health, and happiness. We are building an army to save one person at a time; our mission is to spread awareness of the rising abuse of prescription drugs. Your generous donations help educate youth in schools all over San Diego. Our events help spread the word of drug awareness. Although educating people about the harmful effects of drugs is a huge part of our foundation, our ultimate goal is to establish sober homes throughout San Diego County. At no cost to the individual in need.

CYMO is dedicated to helping these individuals and is committed to taking care of their families during their recovery. We work with law enforcement, health and safety organizations as well as with parents whose children have succumbed to prescription drug abuse. We are fighting to stop the ongoing abuse and misuse of these drugs by spreading awareness throughout the community.

With the help of your generous donations CYMO can continue to help young adults in recovery get their life back.

CyMo is comprised 100% of volunteer workers.