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The CyMo Foundation has long been an advocate for those who struggle with addiction; the addition of a sober living home allows the foundation to be a resource and support system for an even greater number of people. This has been a dream of founder Kiyan for a long time. CyMo Foundation would like to thank everyone who has donated their time and dedication to turn this idea into a reality. CyMo House will be a safe, structured, and sober environment where residents can rebuild their lives and relationships, clean and free from alcohol or other drugs. A stable home environment is essential to recovery, and the CyMo House will be a launch-pad for its residents as they re-build relationships with their families and loved ones, attend outpatient programs, reintegrate into the work force, pursue an education, and begin to navigate life in recovery.

Who we are…

CyMo was created by Kiyan in memory of her son, Cyrus Moinzadeh, who died from an OxyContin overdose at the age of 23.  The families of Jerry Nolan, Matt Perlatti, and Michael Weiss have since joined CyMo.  Motivated by love for their sons, each of whom was kind and loving, the families of CyMo are united in their goal to fight drug abuse through educating the public and providing support for at-risk children in San Diego.

“Saving One Life at a Time”

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